The Beginner's Guide

The Beginner’s Guide is similar to The Stanley Parable, in that it’s more about games and the people who make them, than being a game itself. But the tone it goes for is very different from The Stanley Parable. This isn’t a comedy, not in the least. It aims higher, exploring the audience’s relation to art, and the artists themselves, with complete sincerity.

This has a narrower appeal than The Stanley Parable, but will hit harder and resonate more with the people who get it. I loved it. But because the game is more “arty”, and more personal than The Stanley Parable it’s impossible to tell whether you will too. It’s well executed, with good acting, writing and excellent music. No complaints as far as production values go.

The Stanley Parable had plenty of branching paths and endings, and was about that. The Beginner’s Guide on the other hand is linear, and builds toward a single end with more power, with a clear unambiguous message. Did I like it more? I don't know! It's so different they almost can't be compared, even if they're made in the same engine, by the same people, with the same method of telling it's story. All I can say for sure is I absolutely recommend it.

Peter HasselströmComment