I’ve been on an adventure game bender recently, playing all the Blackwell games, Primordia, and Dreamfall Chapters. Of them all, Technobabylon was easily the most enjoyable. The problems I had with the game feel minor, like some voice actors overacting, or how the text is written when you examine objects. These issues were blotted out by the mysteries, the music, the audio design, and puzzles with multiple solutions. I just loved “being in the world”, to whatever extent that’s possible in a point-and-click. It was a nice place to be in, even before the first line of the game was spoken. I saw it, I heard it, and I knew I liked it. That propelled me through the opening of the game until the story kicked off in proper and hooked me completely.

Compared to Primordia, Technobabylon’s story lacks depth. It goes for a less subtle and more action heavy approach. More thrills, more instant gratification, and no confusion. This approach works, as it succeeds in actually being thrilling, and makes it hard to put down. Because of this, I find Technobabylon easy to recommend. It’s unlikely anyone is going to be bored by it. It’s fairly long for a point-and-click adventure, but the superb pacing makes it feel half its length. If you haven’t played an adventure game in a while, this is the one I recommend above all others if you want a reminder of what this genre can do.