fault - milestone one

Fault milestone one has the worst opening I’ve experienced in a long time. I wanted to get attached to the characters, to know who they were. But instead the game bombards you with exposition about the magic system, with the most convoluted dialog imaginable. 

It didn’t help that the music was very excited about what was going on, like there was supposed to be an action scene there. Instead it was just two people throwing lame one-liners at each other, talking at length about their amazing magic techniques. Apart from the nice artwork it screamed “made by amateurs”. But since I’d bought the damn thing, I was determined to continue. Surely at some point it’d introduce me to the cast and story. And eventually it did!

The story is intended as the first of a series. But as an opening it’s a bit bewildering the way they’ve done it. The main characters hardly get their due. The focus feels confused. Maybe because the creators wanted to make it episodic, they dove straight into a side story, which feels like it’s stealing time from what’s “really” supposed to be going on. The story has many good moments, but it’s buried under a lot of crap.

I wish they’d done things differently. Like the opening scene introduces a bunch of characters, which are all irrelevant because the story moves somewhere else. They’re obviously coming back later. But what’s the point of giving them 30 minutes of screen time in the opening, when they’re ultimately not part of this story? I also can’t stress enough how awful the exposition is. I just can’t recommend this. It’s not entirely awful. I kinda understand why there’s so many positive reviews of it. You just have to have a very high tolerance to shit in order to get to the good parts. I hope episode two is better.

Peter HasselströmComment