Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-

I liked the author’s previous work, so I picked this up immediately on release without even looking at what it was about. What I liked most about Ame no Marginal was the mood, created by the music and visuals. Unfortunately the characters were a bit flat, and it didn’t end up packing the punch I was hoping.

That’s really my only problem here, that it’s lacking in depth. The cast is tiny, and yet there’s not much work put into making them fully realized. It makes it feel like a fairy tale. It gets the mood right, but smooths out details. It becomes a problem because one of the main characters is talked about as if he’s a person, but you never get much of a sense for him. He’s generic male protagonist, and he doesn’t belong here. This story called for more than that.

That said, Ame no Marginal is still nice. Parts of the story were excellent. It’s mostly in the second half it started to strain credibility. And when the ending hit I wasn’t feeling it at all. But still, the music was great and the early parts of the story were gripping, so overall I’d say this is a success. I imagine many will be more forgiving than I am, and I’m happy for you. Finally, it’s probably overpriced for what took me ~90 minutes to finish. But sales will take care of that if it’s a problem for you.